About Shojin Cooking Class

Reinas Shojin Cooking Class is a casual cooking class in Tokyo.

Early classes offer traditional Shojin recipes, various menus without meats, fishes, eggs and the other animal foods.
Late classes offer Shojin recipes and Cha. Cha is a traditional Japanese party (ceremony) of green tea. We offer green tea and sweats after the cooking class.

Please check the detail schedule on Top page & Classes page. The capacity is 6 people. Ladies only.
*We accept men in the case of a couple or a family.

Please have an apron, slippers and writing materials.
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5min walk from Komaba Todai Eki Mae Station (Inokashira Line), Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
*After accept your application, we will send the map.
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Early classes (Traditional Shojin cooking) 4,000 yen
Late classes (Shojin cooking with tea) 5,000 yen

You should deposit 2,000 yen when you reserve the next class.
When you apply on this web-site, you should make the bank transfer. When we confirm the transfer, your reservation will be completed.

Cancellation charge : 2,000 yen (more than 3days before the class)
Cancellation charge : Full (Within 3days from the calss)
*You do not need cancellation charge in the case of change the schedule more than 3days before the class.
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Reina Aso

Shojin Cooking Artist

Reina Aso is a well-known Shojin cooking artist in Japan. Shojin is a traditional Japanese cooking style, derives from Buddhist priest's daily meal, and is totally without meat.
She was born in 1982 in Nagasaki Prefecture. As she grew up traveling around Japan, she learned various, of almost all of 47 Prefectures, local cooking style naturally.
In 2009, she married the guy who was a son of a head priest of Buddhist temple. After the marriage, she has learned detail Shojin cooking recipes until now.
Now, she organizes Reina's Shojin cooking class in Tokyo, and is working hard for TV programs, writing articles for magazines. She is also a president of Lekue Cooking Assosiation.