Reina Aso

Shojin Cooking Artist

Reina Aso is a well-known Shojin cooking artist in Japan. Shojin is a traditional Japanese cooking style, derives from Buddhist priest's daily meal, and is totally without meat.

She was born in 1982 in Nagasaki Prefecture. As she grew up traveling around Japan, she learned various, of almost all of 47 Prefectures, local cooking style naturally.

In 2009, she married the guy who was a son of a head priest of Buddhist temple. After the marriage, she has learned detail Shojin cooking recipes until now.

Now, she organizes Reina's Shojin cooking class in Tokyo, and is working hard for TV programs, writing articles for magazines. She is also a president of Lekue Cooking Assosiation.

Reina's Shojin Cooking Class offers a traditional Japanese recipes deriving from daily meals of Buddhist priest, totally without meat, the basis of macrobiotic, effective in health, beauty, dieting.
The classes are opened in Tokyo. When you visit Tokyo, please feel free to contact me.

1st class of Food Analist, Authorized Lecturer
Vegetable and Fruit Meister
Dietary Education Instructor
Food Coordinater
Diet Adviser
Instructor of Dieting
Food Sanitation Supervisor
License of ABC Cooking School